Monday, March 21, 2011


I've been listening to the Jonas Brothers for about one day now after re-discovering their music. I had a long love affair with the Jonas Brothers during the summer of 2008, so I'm well acquainted with the Jonas Brother phenomenon.

But you know what I hate? I hate how people go around now and continually bash Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers, because they are teen pop-stars, or over-synthesized. I genuinely don't understand it. Really, hipster? Do you have to go so far as to truly HATE music that millions of people like? What does their music do to you? Why do you brood over the fact that your favorite underground band that only three people have heard of is not famous, while Justin Bieber is? Don't you not want your music to be known? Because then it would be mainstream! Something that you religiously stay away from. It's musical taste! So let the people who listen to Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez be. Don't berate them on the horrors of pop music while you sit on your high horse.

Which brings me to my next point. There are no horrors of pop music! I had somewhat of a revelation while listening to "Fly With Me," and I think that the music industry qualifies that a musician has merit if he/she can make something complicated. We think that, because his/her lyrics are as confusing or complicated as Shakespeare, they're instantly musically genius. But isn't there beauty in simplicity? There is beauty in a song that doesn't try hard. There is beauty in simple lyrics that still convey an emotion that speaks to you. And whether that particular song speaks to you is relative, but don't deem yourself so musically-knowledgable that you have the ability to qualify music as horrible. In music that legitimately speaks to someone, horrible does not exist.

I'm a music fan. I'm an unabashed JoBro fan. If you think less of me for it, that's your loss.