Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I don't think about love very often. To me, it seems superfluous; not necessary. I hear certain people speak about how their philosophy is to love and be loved and "the greatest thing someone can do in life is to love." Somehow, these mantras don't seem to get through to me. I'm a firm believer in the idea that your first love in life has to be yourself. Without loving who you are, you can't allow anyone to love you. However, though I am secure in who I am, I continue cringing at the real prospect of love.

Of course, the idea of love appeals to me. To be so wildly, deeply in love with someone that you lose all sense of reason, nearly being consumed. However, I can't see myself ever needing someone that badly. But what if the kind of love that I just described only exists in movies or songs? Are we all destined to love and be loved in a state of mediocrity?

I know this all seems a bit premature seeing as I am still a high-school student, but when does one pass through to the age where it is acceptable to say "I'm in love"? Without a doubt, when teenagers say those words we all take part in a synchronized eye-roll, but at what age, according to society, does the eye-roll cease? It all seems a bit arbitrary to me.

I can see both sides of the dispute of "Do teenagers/young people in general know romantic love." I believe that yes, they can. They know the love that has been set before them. As a teenager is just being exposed to love, they know love to the the extent they can. And the reason adults rolls their eyes as another love struck teen says "I'm in love" is because they have had the experience of love past their teenage years; love that is more intense, making their teenage experience seem like a mild friendship in comparison. But there are so many exceptions! I can't sit here thinking that I know everything and making these grand assumptions as if I am this omniscient being. There are teenagers who have met and are in fact deeply in love, as in love as any adult couple can be.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that love falls on a spectrum. Some of us are lucky enough to experience the all-consuming love (I hesitate to say "true love" or "soulmate" because I can't say I believe in those things) while some of us love but are not in love.
Love is something that for me is fleeting. If love were simply as black and white as I described above, I would fall under the latter category. I love being around somebody, and I love the idea of love, but I am a victim of dreaming up a love that I don't even know if it exists. What if everything pales in comparison to the love I've created inside my mind?